Feb 3, 2014

Monthly Wrap-Up: January

Monthly wrap-up for January and the first! This is a late post but let’s forget about that. Starting anew in this blog and I feel happy blogging about books here. I’m still blogging in Blogger (Blogspot) but I’m more active in this site. Now on to the books I’ve read for the month of January:

I’ve read seven books! That’s a really good start for me and I had this reading slump after World After which I read last December. No review for Loving Cara because it’s an Adult book and I don’t review Adult books anymore.

I only have one meme done during the month of January (posted in my Tumblr blog).

I’m gonna try to post more memes because they’re fun and some themes are very interesting. I also started this list of my favorite young adult and new adult contemporary books (posting only in Tumblr). I’m not gonna neglect that, part three is coming up this month.

So far, my first month here is pretty good :)


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