My name is Chai and I'm a blogger from the Philippines. I have been blogging since 2007 but I just started blogging about books since 2013. I love books and I also love to write my thoughts on the books I read that's why I decided to put up a book blog.

I hang out in other social networking sites like Twitter (currently active) a lot. I occasionally stop by in Goodreads as well to browse whatever book I could find that I felt like adding to my TBR and also for dropping my thoughts on the ones I've read.


OFCOFFEEANDBOOKS randomly came up when I was trying to decide what URL I wanted. Supposedly, it was ofbooksandcoffee but both were taken in Tumblr and in Blogger. I badly wanted the two, books and coffee, together in one URL so I just exchanged the two words and thankfully, it was available.

I love books and I love coffee. More on the books, less on the coffee because too much caffeine is not good. I have loved books since I was a kid. Put those two together and there you have OFCOFFEEANDBOOKS. Not really a great behind-the-scene story but just thought  it might answer if ever you're curious.


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