Feb 9, 2014

Super Six Sunday: Series That You're Sad to See End

Super Six Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people from Bewitched Bookworms. Today’s about Super 6 Series That I Was or Will Be Sad To See To Come To an End. I'm not ready, or wasn't ready, to say goodbye to these books. Note: these are just some of the series because I have a ton that I'm too sad to see end/ended.

Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead (6 books)

Can't tell you how much I love this series and I think I talked about this a lot again and again before. Silver Shadows will be out this July and the last book will be released next year so..I'm just not ready to bid farewell and to part from Sydney and Adrian's minds. NO. I hold this one so close to my heart and I'm in love with the characters, particularly Sydney Sage. So it's gonna be painful for me, not kidding.

Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu (3 books)

This trilogy ended last year and I've given all three of these books 5 stars. I just loved it and the ending, Champion's ending, held a bittersweet moment but sparked hope for the reader and the imagination. I'm still sad that this has ended. Not over yet.

Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (4 books)

Cress just got released but I don't think I'll ever get tired reading more about the world and the characters because they're lovable (I meant the good ones) and the fact that it's a gives off a very great spin on fairy tales is another A+ thing.

Blood of Eden Trilogy by Julie Kagawa (3 books)

I'm still not tired of reading about vampires especially ones that Julie Kagawa wrote. Every book seemed to leave in a cliffhanger but the ending of The Eternity Cure hits the spot so much that I can't wait to get my hands on The Forever Song but..I don't want it to be over yet like the rest of the books that'll be ending.

Curse Workers Trilogy by Holly Black (3 books)

This trilogy's underrated that it makes me sad because they're really good. The ending was like Legend's that part of you is happy and satisfied but the other part makes you want much so much. I enjoyed reading this book and was sad that I read it so fast (last year) and there's no more.

The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken (3 books)

Newly found trilogy that I am in love with very much. I haven't read Never Fade yet but I'm excited to do so but I'm gonna wait for Fall because last book comes out this Fall 2014. I don't want to rush because this is one of those series I hold so dear to me already.

And that concludes my Super Six for today. What are yours? :)

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  1. I've only read Holly Black's Coldest Girl in Coldtown, but I've heard good things about her other books. I've had all of these books on my TBR list forever.

    Thanks for posting your picks!

    Heather @ Bewitched Bookworms