Feb 10, 2014

Musing Mondays: Book Buying Ban & Spare Time

Musing Mondays is a meme started by MizB @ Should Be Reading. Any book-related musings that you want to share. Or maybe just other stuff, aside from books, that you feel like talking about.

My Musings: Book Buying Ban & Spare Time (to read a book).

Book Buying Ban
This is the second time I established a Book Buying Ban for myself because lately, I've bought a ton of books and I haven't read all of them. Sad thing here: I have books here that have been sitting on my shelves for about three-four months now and I still haven't picked them up and I keep on buying new ones (is it bad that the new ones I buy are the new releases from series I've been enjoying my time reading?). Buying books is a good feeling but there's a time when you're spending too much and the books are just chilling out there waiting for you to read them (like me).  
Whenever I go to the bookstore, I always keep in mind that I will only buy one hardcover book or two paperbacks (let's face it, one hardcover = two paperbacks ... most of the time). BUT I just had to break that rule and buy around four paperbacks and well..still one hardcover. I'm a college student and I'm trying my hardest to save money because my bachelor's degree takes up so much time and money. I really like to control myself when it comes to this. I NEED to read all the books I have BEFORE I buy another one. Thankfully though, these past few days, some of my books are from my mom, some close friends and my boyfriend and that somehow saved me a bit from spending money. 
Spare Time
Like I said, I'm a college student and I'm in my sophomore year. Last year was a great year for me because my schedule wasn't that heavy. This school year, it's not also that heavy but I am a lot busier compared to last year. Before I could read two-three books a day but now? It takes me either a day or three to read one book. Unless it's a part of my favorite series then I'd definitely read it ASAP that you won't even get to see me bat an eyelash while reading. 
Last month I read about seven books and how I find it funny because last year, I ended up reading ten-twenty books a month. And I'm not on a reading slump, I got over that after The Fiery Heart (worst reading slump ever). Just busy and I have my exams plus I got a lot of reports and other school stuff to do. Plus, whenever I'm get home from uni, my eyes are so tired. I'm a Fine Arts student and I major in Advertising Arts which in this semester, we're dealing more on graphic designing and my eyes hurt because of staring at the computer's screen for hours. That's why when I'm home, they get all droopy and ready to surrender to sleep. 
Oh, and I just finished Cress by Marissa Meyer today so yay!! (will write my review later) And you, what's your musing for today? :)


  1. I have Cress on reserve at my library. Buying too many books is a problem all book bloggers seem to have. I know I have it. Keep the studies up so you can make more money to buy more books. Click here to go to Mixed Book Bag

  2. I do the same thing...buy books, and then they sit. I have some that have been waiting patiently for a couple of years! I know...bad. But there was a time when I had 166 books that were sitting on my stacks unread, and I'd had some of them for years. I diligently have been working my way through these stacks, and now I have around 40-50, and not nearly as "old."

    My problem is accepting too many review books...which I have cut back on. Enjoy!


  3. Oh! I hear you. I have put myself on a book ban more than once, but it only lasts until I see a book I just have to have or die... I have books that have been waiting for two or more years to be read, and then there are my e-readers, Nook and Kindle. They too, are full of books waiting to be read. What to do? I don't know... And then there are the book tours and author review books that I HAVE to read so I can post the reviews on certain dates. But I love reading and I am retired with much more time to read than you. Thanks for the visit today.