Oct 20, 2013

Super Six Sunday: Favorite Book Couples

Super Six Sunday is a weekly meme hosted by the awesome people @ Bewitched Bookworms. The theme for today is your favorite book couples. Oh, I am in love with this theme. I missed two Super Six Sunday posts because I was busy in uni (had my exams) and some family stuff but now I'm back and free and it's my semester break. Yay!! Again, I'm in love with today's theme.

FAVORITE BOOK COUPLES. Let's start from number six under the cut because it's quite long...

Note: this is not in order, aside from my number one favorite couple which will forever be my number one favorite. As much as I love James and Lily (Harry Potter) and Will and Tessa (The Infernal Devices), gonna give the spotlight to these couples..

06. Bianca Piper and Wesley Rush (The DUFF by Kody Keplinger)

I just finished the book the other day and I have loved it so much. A new favorite contemporary of mine that really speaks to me. Bianca somehow reminds me of myself. Anyway, Bianca and Wesley are just <insert incoherent fangirl noise here>. I have laughed so hard when she threw her Coke at him and the banter was one of the bonus points that made me love these two. And Wesley's one heck of a sweet guy during the few remaining chapters AND WHEN HE APOLOGIZED TO BIANCA AND SENT HER FLOWERS I AM CRYING IT WAS SO ADORABLE AND SWEET. I did wish that there was more to read about their relationship but the book ended well and I'm still smiling. Still smiling like an idiot.

05. Ashtyn Parker and Derek Fitzgerald (Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles)

These two had me in a roller-coaster of feelings. From frustration to squealing like a little girl to the sexual tension to "DAMN IT JUST BE TOGETHER ALREADY" to "Ugh, finally".Ashtyn was honestly the most frustrating one between them but hey, the girl's afraid because she's got people whom she loved and they left her and she gets all confident and strong since she's a football player of something. So it's pretty normal for her to be afraid and act but then Derek came into the picture...and she stabbed his foot, nice. But I love how they managed to make each other believe again. I honestly loved them together and as individuals. Yep.

04. Katy Swartz and Daemon Black (Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout)

If you haven't read this series yet, YOU HAVE TO. Katy and Daemon had me laughing, crying and frustrated in so many ways. And they're cute especially during Onyx where they were filming a video since Katy's a booktuber (yeah let's give her that term) and it was so hilarious but I've been grinning the whole time reading that part because they were funny and adorable. Oh and did I mention they're sexy together too? Yes, they're sexy and hot. HOT. Plus there's also this angst, so much angst. 

03. Anna Oliphant and √Čtienne St. Clair (Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins)

One of my favorites EVER. Yes, capital E-V-E-R. Stephanie Perkins really knows how to make her readers all giddy and have their hearts fluttering because of the romance. Anna and St. Clair made every flip of the page worthwhile in this book and add Paris as a location, perfect. Their friendship was so cute and still cute because they're still together and the "foodgasm" talk had me cackling so much. I've reread this book so many times because Anna and St. Clair kept on giving me the fuzzy feelings. And when they finally admitted that they're in love, PERFECT.

(art by viria)

02. Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson (PJO by Rick Riordan)

*shouts from the seven seas to Tartarus to Mt. Olympus* PERCABEEEEEETH!!!!! I've been in love with these two ever since Sea of Monsters. In Lightning Thief, I like them but I was too engrossed with Percy's self-discovery thing and other godly details but things shifted in SoM and so on and so forth and when Percy asked which side Annabeth will be if their parents ever fight (Poseidon and Athena) and she said by his side because he's her friend. BY HIS SIDE. Okay I lost it. I know it's just friendship there but hey, friends to lovers is something I enjoy reading in books. Friendship is important, okay? And Percy's wits and how sometimes he just drives Annabeth crazy is hilarious and definitely amusing. I love them too much that sometimes it pains me.

and here's number one favorite couple... *drum rolls*

(yeah, yeah it's Max Irons up there as Adrian lol and a model for Sydney; original post found here)

01. Sydney Sage and Adrian Ivashkov (Bloodlines by Richelle Mead)

"Nice blouse, Sage. It really brings out the khaki in your pants."
- forever my favorite line from this Ivashkov idiot

Bloggers, book lovers, meet my OTP of all OTPs. I had to post one of my edits for these two because that's how much I love them. It's kind of scary already but heck, their relationship is the kind of relationship I want. A healthy and loving relationship. They even had their own support group (refer to The Fiery Heart, Bloodlines #4 chapter 1) because Sydney's into too much coffee and Adrian's got his vices and it's such a wonderful thing BECAUSE THEY LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER. From strangers, to colleagues, to friends, to BFFs (exchanging lame text messages and Les Mis reference aka "spark notes" and sharing their daddy issues here and there) to lovers. Richelle Mead had done it.

I feel protective towards them. As individuals and as a couple. Sydney's been my spirit animal the moment I've read Bloodlines. To be honest, she was frustrating but as you dig deeper, she's one heck of an amazing character and you could really understand why she's acting like that because of her job and her relationship with her father. Same for Adrian, after what happened to him in Last Sacrifice I was a wreck as well. But then Sydney happened to him and I am so awed, so awed of what he's become now.

I have a lot to say but I don't want to make this very long. I could really go on all day why I'm in love with this couple. It's not the insta-kind of love that usually happens in books (esp in YA). This is what really irked me when people complain about their relationship but I won't bother anymore. I have to thank Richelle Mead for letting us see a glimpse of their friendship first then let these two develop as characters and let their relationship mold into something more than friends. CLICK THIS FOR A SYDRIAN IN RETROSPECT: A META POST BY A TUMBLR FRIEND OF MINE (and you can see there why these two are just too much to handle). I hate Sydrian.

And there it goes. Six of my favorite book couples. How about you? Who are your favorite book couples? :)


  1. I'm sad to say I don't now a single one of these couples. Hmpf. I've seen "Wild Cards" on netgalley and put it on my wishlist but that's it. I seriously need to read more romance...

    Cheers, Kat :)

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  3. I don't know any of these couples either. I'm sure they are great books, though, so I'll probably check them out.

    Here is mine: http://brigittewhoareviews.blogspot.com/2013/10/super-six-sunday-super-6-favorite-book.html

  4. I ADORE your post!! YES for The DUFF, it's one of my favorite books! and then... of course Adrian and Sydney - I mean they are perfect and I love their chemistry and dynamic!