Oct 14, 2013

Book Review: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Title: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
Author: Holly Black
Publication Date: September 03, 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
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Tana lives in a world where walled cities called Coldtowns exist. In them, quarantined monsters and humans mingle in a decadently bloody mix of predator and prey. The only problem is, once you pass through Coldtown’s gates, you can never leave.

One morning, after a perfectly ordinary party, Tana wakes up surrounded by corpses. The only other survivors of this massacre are her exasperatingly endearing ex-boyfriend, infected and on the edge, and a mysterious boy burdened with a terrible secret. Shaken and determined, Tana enters a race against the clock to save the three of them the only way she knows how: by going straight to the wicked, opulent heart of Coldtown itself.

My Thoughts:

Another enjoyable book to read by Holly Black introducing vampires. I said to myself that I'd stop reading books regarding vampires because the happenings are somewhat repeatable and predictable. But here I am, kept on reading books about it and happened to enjoyed every bit.

This was epic! It was full of blood and that feeling when you read about sexy vampires starts to resurface everywhere. I love Holly Black's writing. It's so detailed and it really gets to the point and I love how the past events were told so that it makes it more understandable for the reader. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown made it impossible for me to put the book down (yet possible enough for me to get laze around from reviewing). The start of the book was already enough for me to keep on reading despite how creepy it was. Honestly, it was creepy and a bit disturbing for someone who cringes at the thought of corpses.

Tana, the narrator of the story and one of the main characters, had me liked her from the beginning. She's brave and smart and she cares for the people around her, even her jerk of an ex-boyfriend (who was actually okay during the few remaining chapters). Gavriel is one heck of a swoon-worthy vampire for me and he's not usually the kind of vampire guy I read that happens to be "too perfect in looks and other stuff". He's got his moments (and I meant scary moments, whenever he drinks blood) and his past to add to his dark demeanor. I think the only character that really got on my nerves was Midnight. This character was the one that almost made me want to hurl the book (no, not really) because she annoys me so much with all her "I want to be a vampire - let's blog this crap". She's pretty crazy and definitely not in a good way.

Bottom Line: Very fun to read yet some disturbing (bloody) scenes at some point but the book ended in a good way. Midnight was the only turn-off I found.

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