Sep 30, 2013

Musing Mondays: Borrowers & Spines

Musing Mondays is a meme started by MizB @ Should Be Reading. Any book-related musings that you want to share.

For today, September 30, my musing will be about people who borrow my books and the damaged spines.

I don't mind when people look at my shelf (or pile since my shelf's long dead) and get intrigued by some books and later on they would ask me if they could borrow because "the premise was interesting and they want to read it". Honestly, sometimes this makes me happy but a bigger part of me is worried about it. I had history of borrowers and just when I thought I could trust them, turns out that I can't. And they return it with spines that seemed to be in need of attending the Book ER (I wish that exists).

Now, the spines. I treat my books with love, care and respect that even my very old books still got their spines in good shape. Like my Harry Potter ones. Well, the dust jackets weren't really much in good shape but that's for another Monday. It pains me, really pains me, when they return it and the spine looks so awful and the book looks like it was beaten up. I have a relative that's currently borrowing my City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1) for over a year now and last time I saw my copy, it was half-way dead. It's painful to look at like WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THAT'S NOT HOW YOU TREAT A BOOK!

And now, I don't let people borrow my books. I'd just tell them that there's an available e-book for it and they seem happy anyway so, let it be.

Bottom Line: Treat books like they're a rare treasure because there's no greater feeling than enjoying a good book. (Not really. There's food, internet, your social life outside the book life, friends, cats, sleep, etc. but yeah, hope you get my point)

So, what are your musings for this wonderful Monday?

....this is kind of a rant although I really need to vent it out.


  1. I only loan books i have read. I'm not much of a re-reader of books, so if they want to keep the book that's alright too. I understand your feeling though. I too try not to ruin my books.

  2. I like to keep my books with nice looking spines so I have trusted people who I lend books too but as I can't keep everything sometimes I send them off and hope many more people get to enjoy them.

  3. I've been lucky enough that I've never had anyone return a book to me in really bad condition. I know that when I borrow a book from a friend I always take special care not to dog-ear pages, break the spine, etc. But then I feel that goes for ANYTHING borrowed--not just books--you return whatever it is in the condition it was in when it was loaned to you!

  4. Good topic. I only lend books to some select trusted people. Else, I just refuse.