Sep 13, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: ALL TIME Favorite Fantasy Books

Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Fantasy Books
[ Trilogies Edition! ]

01. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare - ALL TIME FAVORITE TRILOGY EVER. And definitely one of my all time favorite fantasy books as well. I don't think I'll ever recover from this. Already excited for The Last Hours!

02. Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta - Hands down to Melina Marchetta for this trilogy. I'm planning to read ALL her books this year and I just had to give it to her for her awesome and heart-grabbing stories. These books have entered my all time favorites list and every reread is a treat.

03. Penryn and the End of Days by Susan Ee - This trilogy had me on the crying despite how (warning to the ones who plan to read this) gore some stuff were. The sibling relationship between Penryn and Paige made this book so worth the time. Of course, Penryn and Raffe's banter was A+.

04. The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo  - I love the Grisha world and I love the characters in this book that the main female lead, Alina Starkov, has poked my heart and now she's one of my all-time favorite heroines.

05. Blood of Eden Trilogy by Julie Kagawa - We got a badass female lead who is a WOC and a story that's centered in a world where vampires are either good or evil. I'll be honest, I'm not into vampire books but this one is an exception.

06. Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor - The world and characters are too fascinating so props to Laini Taylor for her imagination and beautiful writing. This is one of the books I want to reread if only I have the time.

07. Curse Workers Trilogy by Holly Black - One of the many underrated fantasy books out there that I enjoy SO MUCH. I have to thank Katytastic from Booktube for introducing me to this series.

08. Precious Stone Trilogy by Kerstin Gier - The time traveling was and written well. There are some stories out there with the same concept yet it's all too confusing. Also, THE MOVIE WAS GOOD. It didn't really follow the flow of the books (+the many changes, though I can say this to all book-to-movie adaptations) but it was still entertaining to watch and the soundtrack makes my ears happy.


**Why trilogies? - I have A LOT of favorite all time fantasy books and this could definitely take a while. So... I decided to narrow it down to trilogies.

***09-10 - I have two trilogies I haven't finished yet so I'm keeping the last two spots open. I have to read the final books in these trilogies to see if I can put them in the list.


  1. Haven't read any of these books before, but I do love the covers for the Curse Workers & Blood of Eden Trilogies! Thanks for sharing :D My Top Ten Tuesday!

  2. So many beautiful covers!!
    I've read the first book of The Grisha and Precious Stones and loved them both. I'm looking forward to finishing the trilogy. Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Curse Workers are both on my TBR already but the rest of this list will be getting added.

    My TTT this week.

  3. The covers of those Lumatere Chronicle books are gorgeous! I would love to get those editions! (I have the US editions, which I like, but those are beautiful.)