Sep 12, 2013

New Books!

So yesterday, I went to the bookstore (it's been a long time) and bought some lovely books. I was awed at the new display of books. A ton of good ones that I've heard from Goodreads that are definitely worth the read. 

A certain book caught my eye the moment I stepped in and it was Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo, second book of The Grisha Trilogy. Now, I haven't even read the first book, Shadow and Bone, but I've been wanting to continue reading it since forever. I started Shadow and Bone via-ebook but then I decided to just buy the book. I ordered and then I canceled it because it was taking too long and I had another book in mind. When I saw book two on the YA shelf display, I had my hopes of seeing book one on display too. So I went to the second floor of the bookstore, scanned every shelf in the YA section then BAM! Found it. And it was the last copy on display. I HAD TO GRAB AND BUY IT.

and here it is~

Such a pretty cover and I love feeling the embossed title against the palm of my hands. Gonna start this once I finish all the books in my September haul! Either I'll read it this month or add it in my October haul. We'll see.

Here are the rest: White Cat by Holly Black, first book in The Curse Workers series  (or is it a series or trilogy?). This is my first Holly Black book and I believe this is a new cover? Because I'm pretty sure that this was the original cover.

sticking to this cover because Black Heart's cover looks so pretty

Lastly, I bought the third and fourth book of the Lux Series, Opal and Origin, by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I've read these two already. I read Opal via-ebook and then I read Origin courtesy of my friend's copy. I wanted the two books to be displayed on my shelf so I bought them and I'd take my time rereading Origin because of all the Daemon/Katy moments.

I'm kinda bothered with the change of cover..just the color. It's lighter
compared to the first three books.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be reading The Immortal Rules, Blood of Eden book one, by Julie Kagawa but then I have it as an e-book. I saw it displayed in the bookstore too WITH a paperback version. But then I don't like the paperback's cover. I prefer the hardcover but it's pretty pricey and The Eternity Cure was there too. I need to save up for that. I'll just start this with the e-book. Seriously, these days my eyes hurt from graphic designing and looking at the monitor's light. One of the reasons why I haven't started that book yet.


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